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Rhymesayers launch You're So Ugly micro site for Atmosphere reissue

It was 2002 when the Minneapolis rapper Slug (Sean Daley) and DJ/producer Ant (Anthony Davis) put the ugly back in hip-hop with Atmosphere's God Loves Ugly. Now it's being reissued by the duo's homemade record label, Rhymesayers Entertainment.
To celebrate the repackaged ugliness, Rhymesayers launched the YOURESOUGLY micro site. Now the fugliest fans of "Flesh" and "A Girl Named Hope" can create their own version of the underground hip-hop album's cover.  Regardless, "Hope"'s pretty (ugly) Eddie Holman sampl is still dope.
The "repackaged, remastered and uglier than ever" reissue of Atmosphere's critically acclaimed third LP came out yesterday, after being out of print for over a year. The reissue also comes with a free bonus DVD. Originally released as the limited Sad Clown Bad Dub 4 (The Godlovesugly Release Parties) DVD, it features 2 hours of live performance footage, backstage tomfoolery, some special guest cameos, and music videos for "Godlovesugly", "Summersong" and "Say Shh."
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