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Rhea Not A Member Of N.E.R.D. Anymore

Here's big news for you seven N.E.R.D. fans stateside (and all you weirdly enthusiastic about N.E.R.D. dorks in Europe): The group is not adding a female member, after Rhea, who was set to join the group on their new album, has been pushed out to work on her solo career, which Pharrell is producing. It's sort of sad; I was at least curious what a female would do for N.E.R.D.'s same-on-every-song vibe, but now I know Nothing will be just like every N.E.R.D. album: Loud and lame. [Yahoo

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lud and lame? **** u get a good music taste. every 1 of they're albums has been great. and if you think they r loud and lame why are you postin news about they're fourth album?


loud and lame? wow ur a dumbass. like i dont even kno what to say. get the ***outta here


I agree All of NERDS stuff bangs hard, especially party people, hot n fun, excuse me miss,the list goes on


First of all there aren't a surplus of groups out there that have true diversity in there sound to the point where they're group has TWO different names, alter ego's. They are musical geniuses. Adjectives like ""Weirdly enthusiastic"" and Dorky Europe fans pssss If everyone thought in a linear fashion as you did...we wouldn't evolve musically. Loud and Lame...please they do production for a diverse number of groups. How many diverse artists does the groups you listen to do production for...besides that...they are a pussy surplus...YOU on the other hand probably haven't had any ILL NA NA since GAS was a NICKEL!

Eric M. Allen

I bet this dude loves some Nickelback.


I agree. Listen I like music such as rap, hip-hop, rock, alternative, and many more I can't think of right now. But guess who got me into all of that (or I should say brouden my mind)N.E.R.D. So to say that these guys are musical guru's would be and understatement.

Who ever think NERD is lame really has a closed mind. Smartin' up A**hole!

Tripal C's

where do i sign up at? lol!


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