Reunions For Oasis And Spice Girls At The Olympics?

    With new music from No Doubt, the Offspring, and Smashing Pumpkins, the summer of 2012 is already experiencing a serious ’90s resurgence. Now two more staples of the decade might be reuniting for the London Olympics.

    First the Telegraph reported a potential Spice Girls reunion, complete with Geri Halliwell planning to wear her Union flag dress. Then Spin wrote that, because Liam Gallagher is reportedly playing “Wonderwall” at the closing ceremonies, his brother Noel might as well jump in and make it a full Oasis reunion. Both of these reports are speculative, full of “sources imply” and “rumored to include” and “insiders say.” So nothing is certain, but if you really miss British music from 1996, you’ll probably want to turn on the television sometime around August 12.