Republicans Apologize to Jackson Browne in Copyright Infringement Case

    It seems like this was from five years ago (time moves fast on the Internet), but the Republicans have apologized to Jackson Browne, and settled a suit out of court, for using his “Running on Empty” in an Obama attack ad without Browne’s permission. Browne sued back in August, and McCain’s attorney held things up in November, but it took until now for the Republicans to settle and apologzie.


    Browne gloated a wee bit in his statement to Billboard:

    “I’m really happy that we got this statement from them,” Browne told “It’s great to have it affirmed that these (copyright and usage) laws stand. I’ve had an idea of how my songs are protected and how money is collected and how making a living as a musician works for my whole career, and it’s great to have it affirmed and to know that we’re absolutely right in standing up to them.”

    The Republicans also took time to clarify that McCain had no idea that the song was being used without permission, which seems odd, like they’re trying to protect him after they sank his campaign by welding him to Sarah Palin. But still, win one for over-paid musician. [Billboard]