Reps From Indie Labels Discuss Music Industry

    Former Sleater-Kinney guitarist Carrie Brownstein keeps involved with the music industry most notably through her Monitor Mix blog for NPR. Brownstein recently pulled together representatives from Kill Rock Stars, Saddle Creek, Merge, Matador, and Jagjaguwar to talk about the role of record labels in the changing music industry. A rep from Sub Pop was unable to participate.


    The group, which included Brownstein, one rep each for Saddle Creek, Merge and Matador and two reps each from Jagjaguwar and KRS, pointed to iTunes as one of the clearest markers for change in the industry, especially for independent artists and labels, discussed the perception of record labels in the current social climate, and heralded the return of vinyls, among many, many more thought-provoking topics.


    For those the least bit interested in the changing music industry from an indie perspective, this is practically a must-read, as some very smart people talk about the music they love in an entertainingly intelligent manner. And for those who just desperately want to know what people at independent labels think of Pitchfork, this interview has that, too. [NPR]