Remember TRL? Remember Your Favorite TRL Hosts? See Where They Are Now!

    Back in the early ’00s, when shows on MTV  focused on this thing called “music,” the cornerstone of the channel’s programming was Total Request Live — or as most might remember it, TRL. 

    A fresh take on the American Bandstand model retooled for Generation Y, TRL combined live performances by artists such as ‘Nsync, Eminem and Britney Spears with a user-selected music video countdown. If you, too, spent many summers glued to the television during the afternoon to see if your favorite artist made it to #1 that day — you know exactly the kind of teenage fangirl/fanboy wonder TRL inspired in us all.

    Throughout TRL’s 10 year run, viewers were guided through the days’ countdowns by a variety of hip, personable MTV VJs. Carson Daly, arguably TRL’s best-known host, managed to remain in the public eye post-MTV — but what about the other VJs who passed through TRL’s hallowed studios?

    Luckily for curious fans, Buzzfeed investigated the current goings-on of our favorite VJs. So, in case you’ve ever wondered what happened to resident TRL hipster Suchin Pak, or ’00s cutie Damien Fahey, or even one-named wonder Quddus — they’ve got you covered. (Don’t worry, they’re all still alive.)