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R.E.M. tribute album on the way

May 29 is the scheduled release date for Finest Worksongs: Athens Bands Play the Music of R.E.M. The title pretty much explains itself: the compilation has Athens bands, including ones featuring Elephant 6 Collective members, reworking the band that put Athens, GA on the musical map. It will be put out by Iron Horse Records, a label based in, you guessed it, Athens, GA. Classics covered include "The One I Love," "Fall On Me," "Radio Free Europe," and what appears to be a version of "Driver 8" under the name "Fiver 8." Guessing that's not just a typo since the band covering the song is named Five Eight.Follow on after the jump to see who exactly is covering what...
01. "The One I Love" - Liz Durrett
02. "Wendell Gee" - Claire Campbell
03. "Leave" - Tin Cup Prophette
04. "Perfect Circle" - Modern Skirts
05. "Finest Worksong" - Bain Mattox
06. "(Don't Go Back To) Rockville" - Bain Mattox
07. "Fall On Me" - Bain Mattox
08. "Underneath The Bunker" - The Observatory
09. "Pilgrimage" - The Observatory
10. "Feeling Gravitys Pull" - The Observatory
11. "So. Central Rain (I'''m Sorry)" - Patterson Hood
12. "Burning Hell" - Patterson Hood
13. "Second Guessing Intro" - Patterson Hood
14. "Second Guessing" - Patterson Hood
15. "Belong" - Patterson Hood
16. "Fiver 8" - Five Eight
17. "Leaving New York" - Five Eight
18. "Radio Free Europe" - Five Eight
19. "It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) " - Five Eight & Everyone
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