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R.E.M. Issues Trailer For Greatest Hits Package (Video)

R.E.M. Issues Trailer For Greatest Hits Package (Video)

So R.E.M. has finally split and the inevitable repackaging of the band’s career can begin in earnest. The 40-song compilation Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage will surface on Nov. 15, with the group’s label no doubt banking on some post-split sympathy purchases from fans. The track listing from that record has some notable omissions, although that's just an inevitable consequence of R.E.M. having such a long career. A trailer has been issued by Warner Bros. to promote the release, which you can see below—it mainly consists of video clips and a few facts about the band, plus grandiose statements like “Songs that won’t be denied” flashing up on the screen. 


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