R.E.M. exploring new marketing with Accelerate

    For a bunch of old guys, R.E.M. is surprisingly willing to think outside the box. After previously announcing that its new album Accelerate would be streamed on iLike a full month before its release date, the godfathers of college rock have announced some novel approaches to marketing their product. The album’s first single is currently available for streaming at the band’s website, the video will be a viewer made mash-up, and several Accelerate numbers have already been licensed for use on the video game platforms. The band is also making nice with iTunes, playing the world’s largest Apple store two days after their date at Albert Hall. Though band manager Bertis Downs says that the band will be playing some smaller venues to support the album, but “there’s definitely only one computer store on the tour.” With all the talk about the demise of the record industry, it’s interesting to see at least one major act remaining successful by embracing the changing market. As Accelerate is R.E.M.’s last album under their current contract with Warner, however, it remains to be seen if they’ll be willing to follow Radiohead into the arena of the truly revolutionary. [Arstechnica]