Relive Liz Lemon’s Best Quotes With An Interactive Soundboard

    30 Rock returned for its seventh and final season last night. While 30 Rock fanatics might be sad the morning after the beginning of the end, something now exists which will undoubtedly ease the pain.

    Complex has created a Liz Lemon soundboard featuring the heroine’s best lines, from the simpler ones like “What the what?!” and “Blergh!” to longer ones like “I don’t know how, but you’re gonna get me another sandwich, or I’m gonna cut your face up so bad, you’ll have a chin. You’ll all have chins!” And of course, who could forget the classic “I want to go to there”? Vulture made sure to share the blessed news with fans.

    Just push a few buttons and you’ll hear Tina Fey as Liz saying all of your favorite lines. You might want to keep it open all day and pick quotes to play for certain situations. Someone comes to you upset? “It okay. Don’t be cry.”

    The only problems anyone could possibly find with the idea? It doesn’t even come close to covering all of Liz’s priceless moments (Where’s “Somebody bring me some ham”?), and there isn’t one for the other characters. I know most 30 Rock fans would love one for Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin), with such classics as “What am I, a farmer?”

    Check out Complex to try it out for yourself.