Reeve Carney To Play Jeff Buckley In Biopic

    Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley has been cast to play Jeff Buckley in the upcoming film on the star titled Greetings From Tim Buckley. That movie is one of two features being made on Buckley’s life at present, and the much-discussed biopic of the singer has now cast its Jeff Buckley as well—and the role will be played by Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark star Reeve Carney.

    The biopic has an endorsement from Buckley’s mother, Mary Guibert, and will begin shooting in New York and Memphis in November. “We are over the moon that Reeve has agreed to take on this challenging role,” said Guibert. “I’ve seen him perform several times…he’s been getting ready for this all his life. It certainly doesn’t hurt that he looks so much like Jeff.”

    It’s certainly going to be a confusing time when both these films surface, although Greetings From Tim Buckley mostly focusses on the build-up to a tribute show to Buckley’s late father that took place in 1991. The movie starring Carney is a fuller account of the singer’s life, which will no doubt spark a huge swell of interest in his work once again.