Redman Talks ‘How High 2,’ ‘Blackout 3’

    After a show up north, Redman sat down with a blunt and Montreality to discuss his upcoming projects, being a class clown and getting his first rap paycheck. He and friend/collaborator Method Man are planning a sequel to 2001’s How High; unfortunately, though, the duo isn’t able to use the same title or the names of the characters because Universal owns the rights. So, Reggie said that he and Meth are starting a production company that they want to call Blunt Brothers Cinema. Whatever How High 2 turns out to be called, Red did assure that it will be “marijuana-related,” so you don’t have to worry. “We gon’ move into Cheech and Chong stages,” he said.

    Musically, Red stated that he and Meth will put out a third Blackout installment, with a single hopefully dropping next year. As for solo work, it’s said that a sequel to 1996’s excellent Muddy Waters LP, called Muddy Waters 2, is also in the works, which should prove interesting given that the Newark, N.J. rapper was 26 when the original dropped.

    Check the whole interview with Montreality below, where Redman tells us a tour story involving cake and a bathroom, the keys to success and what’s in his pockets. [2DBZ]