Redman Says ‘Muddy Waters 2’ Is “In Progress”

    In these later years of his 20-plus year career, Redman seems to be taking it easy (all that weed, perhaps?), with each new record arriving a couple of years apart. It was towards the end of 2010 when he last heard a full-length project from Method Man’s smoking buddy with Reggie, but now it looks like he’s ready to cut the hiatus short.

    Talk of this album has circulated for some time now, but taking to Twitter earlier today, Redman officially announced that Muddy Waters 2–the follow-up to his ’96 classic, Muddy Waters–is in progress. The New Jersey MC didn’t elaborate much, but he did reveal that it’ll be released as part of his Redman 20th Year Anniversary Campaign. You can read his tweets below. [Complex]