Recording With Steve Albini Doesn’t Seem That Awesome

    It’s a big deal for any indie band to record with the legend that is Steve Albini–he behind Big Black and many albums you care about. However, if Dylan Baldi of Cloud Nothings is to be believed, the experience is not that great.

    Baldi commissioned Albini to record Cloud Nothings’ new album, Attack on Memory, and he told Pitchfork about the experience. Here’s what he said:

    Pitchfork: How did you end up working with Steve Albini on this album?

    Dylan Baldi: Well, Steve will work with anybody. If you start a band and then call Steve and say, “Hey, I want you to record our album,” he’ll be like, “OK. Just pay me and I’ll do it.”


    And it wasn’t like we were trying to hang out with Steve Albini, because he’s just a guy and we’re just guys, and we’re just doing what we’re doing. He played Scrabble on Facebook almost the entire time; I learned some Scrabble tricks. He would alternate between that and writing on his food blog. I don’t even know if he remembers what our album sounds like.

    Pitchfork: Did he know who you guys were before you recorded the album?

    DB: No. I’m sure he would want to have nothing to do with us. He probably doesn’t feel that his name should be attached to our music in any way.

    Yikes. But I guess the point about them not wanting to hang with him anyway is probably the important part. But the fact that dude is sort of just a hitman sort of hurts his cred. Or does it? I’m not sure. I guess being sort of a jerk has been part of Albini’s reputation for 25 years. [P4K]