Retailers to hold Record Store Day in April

    Ah, the independent record store. It’s where you get to pore through bins of vinyl, scouring for that rare treasure. It’s where you actually talk to a clerk/owner who may have a recommendation for you rather than what some faceless member of the blog nation has to offer. It’s where you can easily burn up a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon and still consider it time well spent. And I must admit, in this iTunes, emusic, P2P world we live in, I get to my local retailer much less than I did, say, three scant years ago, when trips were often twice weekly.


    Here’s hoping “Record Store Day” on Saturday, April 19, will kick those downloading purchases to the curb, if only for a day. Hundreds of independently owned record stores across the country — from Newbury Comics in Boston to Amoeba in San Francisco — will celebrate the first annual Record Store Day.


    “On this day, all of these stores will simultaneously link and act as one with the purpose of celebrating the culture and unique place that they occupy both in their local communities and nationally.” Plans are underway to set up special events at all of the stores on this day, as well as provide customers with a goodie-bag that promotes new formats, new releases, and exciting information on music, theatrical, and gaming releases.” This marketing campaign/day of solidarity is certainly an attempt to remind us fans that these stores are still out there and they need us to survive. If ever there was a list of worthy causes, keeping your local record store from facing extinction ranks near the top. Buy independent. Always.