Rebecca Black Might NOT Be A Millionaire When This Is Over


    So, apparently Forbes was grossly overexaggerating its claims that Rebecca Black could be a millionaire when all is said and done in Internet meme land. We posted Forbes’ story, because it made sense: Black is the sole beneficiary of her profits. But apparently it made assumptions based on iTunes sales. 


    According to Reuters, Black hasn’t sold that many downloads of her song, “Friday,” something like 40,000, which is still a decent amount of money, but not quite a million bucks. And her YouTube money is probably less than it could have been, had she signed a contract with YouTube as a producer, predicting her own Internet stardom. So all told, she’s probably made something like $40-50,000 so far off her fame. Which is still more than I’ve made in the last three years, so there’s that. [Reuters]