Read This Incredible Song-By-Song Breakdown Of Danny Brown’s ‘XXX’

    We made no secret of our collective love of Danny Brown’s XXX when it came time to name our top 50 Albums of 2011: The Detroit weirdo MC clocked in at number three (he also topped our list of best mixtapes of 2011). The dudes at Passion of the Weiss took their love of XXX to another level all together: They corralled Brown and the producer of each track to talk about every song on the album. It’s full of gems like this:  

    Squadda Bambino of Main Attrakionz: Danny’s like my big cousin, white girls sitting on his lap and his shit [laughs]. I had never really listened to him until he reached out. His voice is crazy and he can rap about anything.

    He got at me for some beats. And the beat for “I Will,” I actually made for myself a while back but never ended up recording on it or putting it out. I had a song with DVD called “Tell Me” so I found a [sample] of a bitch saying “tell me” and I just looped that up. That little “She like” sample I took from somewhere else too, can’t remember where. I revised it, sent it back and the rest was history. Danny rapping about eating pussy and shit.

    I was shocked as fuck when I heard the song, I didn’t know [Danny] was going to take it there. I was like, “Damn! He holdin’ it down!” [laughs] I remember in middle school niggas didn’t really want to flex that shit. When a nigga eats pearl, he gets teased. So this was the first time I heard a nigga rap about that shit and really take pride in that shit.


    Danny: We were mostly going for a grime sound, that’s me trying to make a grime song in my own way. And really that song was me trying to write like…you ever seen that Dave Chappelle skit “Dude’s Night Out”?  I just wanted to write something about that, that’s really what [the song]’s about. Going out with your friends and just wilding out. Just getting drunk [laughs] That skit just inspired the song.

    Stop whatever you are doing, and read this thing now. It’s right here.