Read This Great Profile Of Lex Luger In The New York Times

    Yesterday afternoon, I had a totally surreal conversation with my 56-year-old dad. “Have you heard of this rap producer Lex Luger? What songs has he produced? Have I heard anything by him?” 

    And I was like, “What? You mean “H.A.M.” Lex Luger? The guy that works with Waka Flocka Flame? How do you know about him?” 

    “He’s in the New York Times Magazine.”

    Mind blown.

    So, yeah. Lex Luger was profiled in the New York Times magazine this weekend, and it’s really great. You learn everything about the guy that has changed the sound of hip-hop in the last 18 months, including that he started making beats on MTV Music Generator. You also learn that Luger is pretty shy, he likes weed, and he still isn’t sure how to respond to hanging out with Jay-Z and Beyonce. Read the whole thing here. It’s the best.