Read Some Choice Quotes From GZA’s MIT Visit

    Two days ago, GZA made his way to MIT for a lecture in the school’s  Center for Civic Media. And thanks to the folks at The Daily Swarm, who found these quotes on the MIT website, you can now pretend like you were there yourself. Sort of. These are just some of the best pull quotes from the lecture, which we imagine was awesome. For reference, watch the clip below to help hear GZA’s voice in your head as you read these:

    “When I was trekking across Brooklyn, looking for MC battles – and there were plenty of them – I never dreamed I’d be at this podium.”

    “Hip hop became the voice of rebellion of the youth, like rock and roll back in the sixties.”

    “The way we walk, talk, act and dress – I’m not sure any movement has been appropriated as thoroughly as we have been.”

    “We all vibrate, whether beings or objects.”

    “If music is so intoxicating, imagine how intoxicating it is for those who make it?”

    “A melody in every thought, harmony and feeling.”

    “In Kung Fu, there’s a saying; ‘You must sharpen your sword every day.’ As an MC, you should sharpen your sword every day.”

    “I’m not bemoaning the spread of hip hop, but it came with a price.”

    “There were about ten MCs in Staten Island. When we went up to the Bronx, there were so many MCs and they were so good.”

    “I never played the game. I don’t even know what weapon I had.”

    “Thought is self-directed control and imagination.”

    “I don’t think Americans listen to hip hop from other parts of the world.”