Read Judd Apatow’s ‘This Is 40’ Script Online

    Reading screenplays after you’ve seen the movies they became can be a fun and bizarre experience. Reading them before the movie is even released is another story. It takes a creative imagination to conjure a mental representation of the action and dialogue before you have a completed film to refer to. If you’re interested in trying the practice yourself, you can use Judd Apatow’s upcoming Knocked Up spin-off This is 40.

    Universal has posted Apatow’s screenplay for the film, starring Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann as the same bickering couple they played in Knocked Up, on their awards consideration website. Apatow fans can read through the PDF and compare their imaginings to the actual finished product when the film is released Dec. 21.

    SlashFilm posted the exciting news, along with a link to the PDF file. Get ready for a raunchy opening scene.

    It’s not clear which draft of the film it is, so it’s likely there will be plenty of new or altered jokes in the fully produced film, plus Rudd’s and Mann’s delivery and improvisation will make all the dialogue that much funnier.

    The film will clock in at 134 minutes, making it Apatow’s second-longest movie after Funny People (146 minutes).