Read Excerpt From 33 1/3 Book On J Dilla’s ‘Donuts’

    Last summer it was announced that J Dilla’s seminal album Donuts would make its cut onto 33 1/3, a book series that has honored other classic albums like Paul’s Boutique and Velvet Underground & Nico. Written by Toronto writer and hip-hop savant Jordan Ferguson, the book is set to be released on April 24. 

    However, rather than just focusing on the album itself, Ferguson plans to tell the whole story behind Donuts, including Dilla’s background and introduction into beatmaking, Detroit’s hip-hop music scene, and the albums indelible influence on hip-hop and his fans. According to Stones Throw Records, Ferguson also got in touch with the company to speak with those involved in the album’s making and J Dilla’s colleagues.

    Luckily 33 1/3 has allowed Stones Throw to post an excerpt of the book on their website, which can be read here. The excerpt is taken from a chapter titled “Workinonit,” and details the creation of the album as well as the recent events occuring in Dilla’s life before the album’s release.