Read Axl Rose’s Angry Letter To A Critic In 1992

    After watching a Guns N’ Roses gig at the Hoosier Dome in Indiana back in 1992, music critic Mark Allan made the huge mistake of criticizing the band’s performance. Their explosive singer, Axl Rose, came across the review in the Indianapolis Star, and reading Allan’s description of his “arrogance and petulance that may be cute on the gossip pages but have no place in a concert setting,” he responded in kind.

    In the lengthy letter that he immediately faxed to Allan, Rose declares, “I am your Rock N’ Roll nightmare.” He then advises the journalist, “have someone stick a fork in your ass and turn you over” and finally berates his review as “redneck, blind, narrow minded refuse.”

    You can read the letter in full here, including the wonderful valediction that I now propose to borrow: “stay away from microwaves.” [The Daily Swarm]