Razorlight cause more craziness

    Via Contact Music:
    If there’s a band out there really trying to build their image as the next British bad boys, it’s Razorlight. From fighting on stage, possibly breaking up, and frontman Johnny Borrell showing up to gigs drunk or just not showing up at all, the band is becoming much more known for their immature antics than for their music. (Can you name even one of their songs? Yeah, me neither.)
    Now comes news that the band missed a show Saturday night in Los Angeles (all the good shit is going down out here recently, folks) after two members got into a car accident. Bjorn Agren and Carl Dalermo were the boys invovled; neither were seriously injured. Dalermo says he ran into a Korean pedestrian, who also was not badly hurt.
    Razorlight are scheduled to play tonight in Mexico City. Who wants to bet the band instead gets blasted on tequila and ends up at a whore house?