Ray Davies Says He May Reunite Kinks Without Brother Dave

    Everyone knows that there’s no love lost between Dave and Ray Davies, and that the chances for a Kinks reunion are pretty severely handicapped by their very public disdain for each other. Last year, Dave Davies waved off fans’ reunion hopes with a shot at his brother, saying, “You’ve heard of vampires. Well, Ray sucks me dry of ideas, emotions and creativity. It’s toxic for me to be with him.” He also said that a reunion would be like “a bad remake of Night of the Living Dead.” So, no fence sitting for him on this issue, I guess.


    Recently, Ray Davies had a chance to respond during a recent interview with Q Magazine and, boy, did he ever. When asked about Dave’s comparison of a Kinks reunion with an old zombie flick, Ray basically said his brother should speak for himself, and then brought up the potential for a reunion that would exclude him. “The fortunate thing for me is that I was never a sexy frontman. Dave was always the pretty kid. So maybe he feels that way about himself. But we’ll do it without him if we have to. The music is the issue.”


    And the potshots continued! Ray went on to make fun of his brother’s reported New Age-y ways, saying, “I hear Dave’s more cosmic than ever. I’m a little more based on planet Earth than certain other members of my family.”


    So there you have it. The latest episode in the long running series, Dave Hates Ray (aka Ray Hates Dave). [Spinner]