SXSW Hit And Run Accident Driver Identified & Arrested

    After the tragic hit and run accident at Austin, Texas’ SXSW, it has been reported that 21-year-old Rashad Charjuan Owens has been arrested for the hit and run while trying to feel the area on foot. The accident left 2 dead with 23 injured. He will be charged with two counts of murder and multiple counts of aggravated assault with a motor vehicle. It’s been also reported by the San Antonio Express-News that Owens has been convicted many times in the past for acts such as being under the influence as a minor and criminal trespass.

    Owens was scheduled to perform at SXSW at Club 1808 nearby where the accident had occurred. It was also reported that the gray Toyota sedan in the accident was stolen. My San Antonio reported that a soldier stationed at Fort Hood in Killeen by the name of Andrew Barmwell has claimed his car to be stolen early Thursday morning.

    The SXSW organizers have stated that the festival will be continuing as planned.

    Watch the police conference below:

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