Rare Photos Of J Dilla’s Record Collection And Studio Released

    Dilla’s name always has a place in conversation, but with his birthday (Feb. 7) and the sixth anniversary of his death (Feb. 10) coming up, the frequency of mentions increases as it always does. 

    Private as Dilla was, the finer details of his life have been mined out of various places since his death in ’06, and for the latest slice, The Doctor’s Orders unearthed some rare photos of Dilla’s record collection and studio during his recording sessions with Common for 2000’s Like Water For Chocolate. Here’s the statement from The Doctor’s Orders:

    “I came across these while helping Pete from BBE records (pictured alongside Dilla in the top photo) move house and he kindly let me take copies. This is Dilla’s first home studio in Detroit and in the last pic you can actually see Common sitting with his back to camera.”

    There are only a few, but who gives a damn–it’s new Dilla content. Check them out below via The Doctor’s Orders.