Rare Beatles Photographs Unearthed

    In 1963, 15-year-old amateur photographer Andy Wright got backstage at Fairfield Halls in Croydon (South London), intent on taking some snaps of a hot new skiffle group. Of course, it was the Beatles, and Wright only recently remembered that he had this photos on film. “I only had 12 pictures on my roll of film,” Wright reminisces, and one of those is shown up above.

    It finds the Beatles, barely a month after the release of Please Please Me, particularly knackered (as the English say) following a concert. As was the case in the early days, the Fab Four gave two performances a night, eventually morphing into a smash-hit-generating machine. But here, they’re still fresh-faced and dapper, and Wright remembers them as very nice lads. [Daily Swarm]