Rapper E-Dubble Remixes ‘Parks And Recreation’ Theme

    From what I can gather from his Facebook page, rapper e-dubble went on a mission to release 50 weekly remixes last year. A majority of the tracks feature the Baltimore resident spitting over popular music both old and new from acts ranging from Kanye West to MGMT to Guns ‘N Roses. Here, however, he’s hooked up with the cast of Parks And Recreation, particularly Aziz Ansari, for his own take on the show’s theme. Ansari then dropped the remix over a pretty hilarious new version of the show’s opening credits that includes the sentiment that he and Rob Lowe are best friends. Ha, this is fun and all, but I would like to know when we are going to get that damn Raaaaaaaandy mixtape.


    Parks And Recreation‘s new season begins tomorrow night on NBC.


    [College Humor]