Rap Legend Kurtis Blow Caught With Weed At LAX

    It’s still not clear if those controversial new TSA body scanners will actually stop terrorism, but they are apparently fairly decent at detecting weed in small amounts. Kurtis Blow learned that fact this morning when a body scan noted “an anomaly” in his pants as he made his way through security at LAX. A pat down revealed the old school rapper was carrying marijuana in his pocket. Blow (pun=too easy) was given a ticket, since he was carrying less than 28.5 grams.


    In only kind of related but totally interesting news, Kurtis “The Breaks” Blow – real name Kurtis Walker Combs – is the founder of the Hip Hop Church where, according to Wikipedia, he serves as “rapper, DJ, worship leader and licensed minister.” Blow is quoted as saying, “Don’t get it twisted, God has always existed.” Nice to know finding religion didn’t harsh his mellow.


    TMZ has the story, here. [CBS]