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Rap Heavyweights Talk The Grammys & Hip-Hop

Billboard has a super-interesting piece today that looks into the (lacking) representation of rap music at the Grammy Awards. And to get a well-rounded perspective on the topic, they spoke with several hip-hop heavyweights, including the Roots' Questlove, Jay-Z, and former record executive Steve Stoute.

All three -- and the others interviewed -- offered interesting insight into why rap still isn't given the love it deserves by the Grammys. For Stoute, it's a matter of the Recording Academy not truly appreciating rap as a true artform:

"If (The Recording Academy) understood that, then (rappers) would be scoring technical points," he said. "They don't get the technical points."

As for Jigga -- you might remember he once boycotted the awards show -- he's not really that concerned with adding more gold statues to his shelf. For him, it's all about whether his fans, or "the people," accept his music or not. "[T]hat's my real Grammy," he said. "As long as it connects with an audience in a way."

Questlove looks at it differently. He said that things could change if he and other members of the hip-hop community got more involved with the Grammys, particularly the Recording Academy. He admitted that he and The Roots aren't members of the academy, though he promises to make a change there.

"I should definitely come and be more involved in that. It's taxing time-wise, but you know, I can either sit and complain ... or do something about it."

You can read the entire piece at Billboard, but what do you think? Is Stoute right that rap music isn't appreciated as a form of art or is Questo on the right track with his thoughts?

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