Rancid Announce New Album ‘Trouble Maker’ and Release Video for First Single “Ghost of a Chance”

    Punk might be getting older, but it’s not dead.

    Rancid 'Trouble Maker' Album Cover

    op punk outfit Rancid are geared to release a new album titled Trouble Maker on Hellcat / Epitaph this June. In support of the album, the band has just released a music video for their single “Ghost of a Chance.” For a group of guys that has been recording and touring for more than two decades, they don’t seem to have lost any of their punk edge or their sense of humor.

    The song runs at less than two minutes total and articulates a sort of jovial dread you’ll only find with an aging punk band. In the featured video Tim Armstrong belts out in classic oi fashion: “You’re one lousy step / from not making it / You’ve only got a ghost of a chance my brother / you’ve only got a ghost of a chance.” Lead guitarist Lars Frederiksen lets out a simple and befitting guitar solo on a Gibson SG that is decorated in camouflage while wearing a red sweater that looks like it’s straight out of Animal House. The whole music video is recorded in a garage while an old school reel-to-reel spins in the background. Although it is somewhat ambiguous what the lyrics might be addressing specifically in the song, there are subtitles just in case you feel like reading into them.

    This latest release (and the band’s ninth studio album to date) was produced by Bad Religion frontman and founder of Epitaph Brett Guerwitz (h/t COS). This will be the band’s first album since Honor is All We Know was released two years ago. The tour, called “From Boston to Berkeley Tour,” will feature supporting acts Dropkick Murphys and The Bouncing Souls.

    You can pre-order vinyl or find tour dates on their website, and view the track listing of Trouble Maker below. Trouble Maker will be released on June 9. Th

    Track List for Trouble Maker

    01 Track Fast

    02 Ghost of a Chance

    03 Telegraph Avenue

    04 An Intimate Close Up of a Street Punk Trouble Maker

    05 Where I’m Going

    06 Buddy

    07 Farewell Lola Blue

    08 All American Neighborhood

    09 Bovver Rock and Roll

    10 Make It Out Alive

    11 Molly Make Up Your Mind

    12 I Got Them Blues Again

    13 Beauty of the Pool Hall

    14 Say Goodbye to Our Heroes

    15 I Kept a Promise

    16 Cold Cold Blood

    17 This is Not the End

    18 We Arrived On Time (Bonus Track)

    19 Go On Rise Up (Bonus Track)