Rainn Wilson Praises His ‘Office’ Co-star Mindy Kaling’s New Show ‘The Mindy Project’

    Dwight Schrute approves of Kelly Kapoor’s new venture, or at least his alter ego Rainn Wilson does. In an interview with Vibe, Wilson speaks fondly of his former Office co-star Mindy Kaling and her new Fox sitcom The Mindy Project, which premieres tomorrow night, Sept. 25.

    When asked why Kaling, who wrote for The Office and held a supporting role, will thrive as a lead actress, Wilson gushes, “Mindy is smart, sarcastic, quick-witted and she’s not pretentious. She has excellent taste. She’s got a good heart. And she’s a very upbeat, loving person.” He adds, “There’s a lot of sarcastic women role models out there, but they’re not as likeable.”

    Wilson also praises Kaling’s new show, which she co-created and stars in: “I think it’s going to be the next Sex & The City.” He adds that Kaling is “an Indian Marlo Thomas.”

    Wilson says he would “love to be on” The Mindy Project, so Office fans might want to look out for a cameo sometime in the future.

    Kaling’s character Kelly on The Office left Dunder Mifflin in the series’ ninth season premiere last week, giving the actress the opportunity to foxus on her new show, in which she plays an OB/GYN balancing work and romance.