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Rage Against The Machine To (Probably) Stage Arizona Protest Shows

Rage Against The Machine To (Probably) Stage Arizona Protest Shows

As we know by now, Rage Against the Machine loves to protest shit. So, protesting the unjust Arizona Immigration policy seems like something the band would have quite a bit of interest in.


In an interview with Billboard, the always talkative Zach de la Rocha spoke of "organizing a series of concerts that are respectful of the nature of the boycott in its attempts to isolate the Arizona government but not isolate the people, and especially the organizations that are fighting this on the ground." Take that bands who felt that supporting aerial assualt to fight prejudiced immigration policies was the best method of protest.


He continued, "Many of us have begun to plan concerts that include bands that have signed on the Sound Strike, and make tickets available so that people within Arizona can come and see these concerts as the roll out. These are things that are being set into motion right now – a series of concerts or maybe even one giant concert in late July.”


Applause to Rage for realizing that playing shows instead of boycotting the state of Arizona is a much better way to get your point across. Jenny Lewis, you must be Mario because you just got 1-uped. (I'm sorry about that. I have no idea where that came from.)


Arizona, prepare to get your ass rocked in the name of justice and equality.


[The Daily Swarm]



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