Raekwon’s ‘Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…’ Re-Released On Purple Cassette

    As long-time hip-hop heads will know, Raekwon served up the first 10,000 copies of his debut solo album, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…, on purple cassette back in 1995. 17 years later, and Get On Down Records, in partnership with Sony, are providing some neat nostalgia by re-releasing The Chef’s classic record on the same purple tape as part of a collector’s edition box set.

    The deluxe set also contains a 36-page hard-cover  book with extended artwork and liner notes, as well as a promotional sticker and 24″ x 24″ poster, all packaged in a premium piano lacquer box with “The Purple Tape” emblazoned under the window.

    Only 1,000 copies are being sold, so head on over to Get On Down’s site quick to claim yours.