Raekwon: “Our Solo Careers Hurt The Wu-Tang Clan” (Video)

    Discussion time, y’all, and it comes courtesy of a statement that Raekwon makes in this sit-down interview with the folks at VladTV. In the discussion, which you can view below, he makes a pretty huge remark about how he feels the Wu-Tang Clan members’ solo careers hurt the Wu as a group.

    The Chef then talks about how if they had just stayed together as one, they would have had at least 30 albums out by now. In that line of thought, he compares the Wu to the Beatles and talks about how the Wu shouldn’t have gone solo until after they dropped a run of classic albums as a unit. 

    You can watch the interview in the video below but let us know, do you think Rae’s right? I know I can’t help but agree with him.