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Raekwon enlists Dr. Dre to poduce majority of 'Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Part 2'

Source: VH1
Do sequels ever match the original if the original is a classic? Rarely. Case in point The Karate Kid. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx is a classic and arguably the best Wu-Tang solo album. Now Raekwon has confirmed that Dr. Dre is producing the majority of its sequel. Initially I was very excited by this prospect, but now I would rather that Rza does most of the beats, because he did man the boards for the original. Either way, this record could be a monster. Aside from Dre and Rza, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Part 2 features production from the late J Dilla as well as Scram Jones and DJ Scratch.
"Let them know I'm dealing with a whole list of thorough superproducers that's making sure this legacy of Cuban Linx carries on. We thought it was a brilliant idea to have RZA and Dr. collaborate, us being big Dre fans. His classics sheet is way long. As well as RZA's."

"We felt we wanted to put a twist on it and let everybody know the sh-- is that important," he continued. "We going through generation expansion, where the generations are differentiating. We wanted to give them a taste of something new as well as what they wanna see."

Rae said initially Dre was supposed to just produce a couple of tracks for the album, but everything just got better as they kept working. "Allah put us in the right place," he said.
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Dr. Dre

Not holding my breath. They've been talking about this "sequel" for a long time and it changes with each interview. At first Rza was going to do every track. At one point Busta Rhymes was the exec producer. And Rae has put out 2 junk albums in a row. Now he's saving all his best for this one? I need to be convinced...


Definitely good points BTW. The mixtape for this album that came out earlier this year was good, but I think that was suppose to be the precursor for the majority Rza produced album.

Dave Park

I'd put Liquid Swords over Cuban Linx when ranking first wave Wu Tang solo albums. Still, awesome album.

Joey Headset

I'''d put Liquid Swords over Cuban Linx when ranking first wave Wu Tang solo albums. Still, awesome album.agreed.

Matthew Gasteier

I will share one bit of information I have learned throughout the years: All Things Come In Good Time.P.S. - I like Liquid Swords better too.


Fiddy and G-Unit is the realest!

Yung Daba

If Ghostface is not on at least half of the tracks it will not really be Cuban Links 2. I thought he stole the show from Rae on the original.

Detroit 36

**** all of you ******* Cuban Link 2 is gonna be bomb Aftermath is in control of good hip hop. Def Jam is putting out garbage, while everyone is worried about making a hot single Dre makes classic albums. With Dre backing Rae up **** will be BANANNAS!!!

Unspoken Wordplay

Thats bull, its gotta be rza and definately the wu-elements(4th, tru, math, moongod?) otherwise its gonna be a let down, each and every track has gotta be that sound that the above mentioned are thoroughly familiar with, what does dre know about that? NOTHIN. Shoulda let the wu-elements play around wit dat, in fact it should be wu-elemnts on every solo clan album, thats the only way in reaching consistency of whats wu about. but...what you gonna do.


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