Raekwon enlists Dr. Dre to poduce majority of ‘Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Part 2’

    Source: VH1
    Do sequels ever match the original if the original is a classic? Rarely. Case in point The Karate Kid. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx is a classic and arguably the best Wu-Tang solo album. Now Raekwon has confirmed that Dr. Dre is producing the majority of its sequel. Initially I was very excited by this prospect, but now I would rather that Rza does most of the beats, because he did man the boards for the original. Either way, this record could be a monster. Aside from Dre and Rza, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Part 2 features production from the late J Dilla as well as Scram Jones and DJ Scratch.

    “Let them know I’m dealing with a whole list of thorough superproducers that’s making sure this legacy of Cuban Linx carries on. We thought it was a brilliant idea to have RZA and Dr. collaborate, us being big Dre fans. His classics sheet is way long. As well as RZA’s.”

    “We felt we wanted to put a twist on it and let everybody know the sh– is that important,” he continued. “We going through generation expansion, where the generations are differentiating. We wanted to give them a taste of something new as well as what they wanna see.”

    Rae said initially Dre was supposed to just produce a couple of tracks for the album, but everything just got better as they kept working. “Allah put us in the right place,” he said.