Radiohead’s Phil Selway Releasing ‘Running Blind’ EP

    Phil Selway from Radiohead made his solo debut last year with the Familial album, which is getting a quick follow up via the Running Blind EP. Clearly Selway has been keeping busy despite Radiohead’s return this year, although Conseqence of Sound reports that the four songs on Running Blind were written in the same furtive period that produced Familial. The title track from the EP is streaming below, which is a low key affair full of twinkly Rhodes piano, gentle sighing, and the hushed vocal refrain “forever’s a long time.” It even sounds like a bowed saw makes an appearance toward the end, which is a sweet touch. The EP is released on July 25 via Bella Union.

    Philip Selway – Running Blind by Bella Union


    Running Blind track listing:


    01 What Goes Around

    02 Every Spit and Cough

    03 Running Blind

    04 All In All