Radiohead Tweeting About Mysterious Japanese Location

    We know that Radiohead’s King of Limbs is due out this Saturday (Feb. 19) but there are very few other details available about the release. It’s impressive how well the band has managed to keep the record under wraps, and the lack of a leak will undoubtedly bolster those crucial first week sales.


    Now, the band has left a cryptic message in Japanese on its Twitter account, which NME has translated as: “Hachiko Square Shibuya, 59 minutes at 18 Friday.” What does it all mean? Speculation is mounting that they may be about to make a live appearance at that location, possibly at 18:59 (JST) which would be 11:59pm (EST).


    No official conformation has been received from anyone connected to Radiohead just yet, so for now this remains a mystery. NME also points out that the location is a notoriously busy pedestrian road in Tokyo, so if this is some kind of “guerilla” performance it seems unlikely any official confirmation will arrive beforehand.