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Radiohead to Release New Album in 2010

Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien has revealed that the band is recording a new album that will be released in 2010. Thom Yorke previously hinted that they might be growing tired of the album format, but a summer spent in the studio has apparently caused him to change his mind. O'Brien has said in an interview with NME that they would "definitely" be releasing an album next year.


“We were misquoted,” O’Brien said of Yorke’s comments, before adding, “WE WILL BE MAKING AN ALBUM!”  The guitarist must have welcomed a chance to talk about music again after his recent spat with Lily Allen. It’s not yet known how the album will be released, but he suggests that Radiohead still has a lot of time for physical formats.


“We love the artwork; that’s really important, the physicality,” he said. “And we all like vinyl. That’s not going to go away. I still like CDs as well. I got the Speech Debelle CD the other day – I nearly downloaded it from iTunes but I thought, ‘No. I want the physical thing.’”



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when Radiohead concert at ndonesia


lp8 is going to blow us radiohead fans minds...its going to be something serious im feeling good about it..third favorite to kid a and its hard to say a second but amnesiac....and donwoods art looks really cool its going to be funky


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