Radiohead Team Up With Greenpeace To Save Arctic

    Radiohead have never minced words on their love for the environment, be it through Thom Yorke popping up at a European climate summit or the group popping off at Stephen Colbert for his, um, radical views.

    Now the group has teamed up with Greenpeace and Jude Law to produce a campaign film about a polar bear struggling to survive after being forced to leave its Arctic home. The short clip features Radiohead’s “Everything In Its Right Place” off of their 2000 album Kid A, and you can watch it below.

    The members of Radiohead, along with Paul McCartney and others, have also signed their names to the Arctic Scroll campaign, which calls for the Arctic to be protected. Once the scroll gets a million signatures, it will be planted in a sea bed in the Arctic Ocean.

    Says Yorke, “I’ll know whenever I look north that my name is planted at the bottom of the ocean at the top of the world as a permanent statement of our joint commitment to save the Arctic.” Here’s hoping the scroll is biodegradable. Watch the “Save The Arctic” film below. [NME]