Radiohead Releasing “The Daily Mail” And “Staircase” On Dec. 19

    Radiohead’s “The Daily Mail” and “Staircase” have both surfaced this year following the release of The King of Limbs. Neither track made it to that record, but the band is clearly fond of both songs—and it looks like recorded versions will be getting issued, with Dec. 19 the mooted release date.

    Naturally, the embers of Radiohead aren’t putting this out in a conventional manner. It looks like the streaming service Deezer—which sadly isn’t available in North America yet—will be among the services to debut the recorded versions of the songs, although Amazon’s U.K. site is also listing Dec. 19 as a release date for the MP3 versions.

    Most of this information has been cobbled together through online sleuthing by At Ease and Consequence of Sound, but it’s reasonable to expect an official announcement on what exactly is happening some time soon. There’s some neat cover art that goes with the release, which is decorating this post, so hopefully it will be issued in a physical format at some point. In the meantime, check out versions of both songs below.