Thom Yorke to perform new Radiohead songs for online show

    Via: Gigwise
    The first episode of the new online show From the Basement will feature Thom Yorke on the piano playing new Radiohead songs. The White Stripes, Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid are also scheduled to perform on From the Basement. The online show will charge £1.89 per video/track.

    “From The Basement was exciting because it came from the desire to cut out the crap that lies between the music and the viewer.”
    “To get plugged straight into the mains. No producer director egos messing it up. The highlight for me was listening to Kieran and Steve Reid jamming as the tape started rolling.”

    In other Thom Yorke news, he will be covering Neil Young’s “After the Gold Rush” for a charity compilation for the Bride School that also features covers by Lou Reed, REM and Tom Waits.
    Mr. Yorke also performed “The Clock” on Jools Holland this past weekend.