Radiohead Nerds Sure That There Is A ‘King Of Limbs II’

    Give Radiohead nerds a few days, and they’ll convince themselves of just about anything (like OK Computer NOT being the best Radiohead album): There’s an Internet rumor floating around that claims that the band’s recent King of Limbs album is actually the first half of a double LP. The proof that this is the case is this:


    1. The last song on the album is called “Separator.” Which obviously means that there is another song/album. 


    2. The orders for the album were labeled TKOL1 in pre-orders.


    3. The whole band is hardly featured, as Jonny Greenwood specifically can hardly be heard here. 


    4. And the band has released second parts to two albums (Kid A had Amnesiac, In Rainbows had a second disc when it came out in stores). 


    So there you have it, guys. Radiohead might have another album ready soon! Maybe it will be better! We can only hope! [DS]