Radiohead Join Protests Against Closure of BBC 6 Music


    Say what you like about the Brits, but they certainly know how to mount a good campaign. The announcement that alternative music station BBC 6 Music might be under threat has spurred various musicians into action, and Radiohead are among the latest to voice their protestations.


    Ed O’Brien has written to the BBC Trust, whose decision will determine the future of the station, to demonstrate his anger at the potential closing. O’Brien writes on Dead Air Space about the matter, saying it’s “a ludicrous decision for those who actually love hearing great music on the radio,” and providing this link for anyone who feels likewise.


    This is O’Brien’s full letter to the Trust in regard to the matter:


    To whom it may concern,


    I am writing regarding the news today that 6 Music is going to be closed, in the hope that you reconsider this decision. To be honest I, along with a vast number of other musicians, music industry types and real music fans, are completely shocked and baffled by this news. I wonder if those who made this decision are actually aware of the hugely important role that 6 music plays in fostering and promoting new bands, as well as still playing the likes of the band that I am in. It literally is the radio lifeblood for music outside of the mainstream. Not to denigrate Radio’s 1 and 2, but it really is the only station that puts music first, and that’s from a punters point of view and not some bloke in a band. Nowhere else can you hear an archived session track from T Rex juxtaposed next to Midlake’s latest release. As David Bowie, put it … it keeps the spirit of John Peel alive.


    Please realise the impact and severity of closing this station down. It will be a huge blow for new bands and their labels. It’s not enough to ‘refocus’ Radio’s 1 and 2 as 6 music does a very specific thing. What you have with 6 Music is a gem of a radio station, it is doing what no other station in the world does or can possibly do. Remember it is also still relatively young, give it time. You also finally have a fantastic and seemingly settled line up of DJ’s. Please get behind it and from what I can gather about it’s annual budget of £6m, it surely punches way above it’s weight in terms of cultural relevance and importance.


    Thank you for considering this.


    Ed O’Brien (Radiohead)