Radiohead wreaking havoc on the interwebs

    Stop, rabid Radiohead fans! You’re clogging up the tubes! That crazy old senator from Alaska who doesn’t even know what the ‘net is composed of is getting really stressed out!
    But never fear, Johnny Greenwood is here. The Radiohead guitarist and knob-twiddler posted a message on the band’s website saying that, while early interest in In Rainbows has significantly slowed down the speed with which the album’s website is running, things will hopefully be back up to speed shortly. “It’s getting busy in there–busier than expected,” Greenwood admitted. (British demurring, how cute and proper!) “So, if you please bear with us, it should get cleared out soon. I sound like a bouncer. Get behind the rope. No denim. Thanks for your patience with the site + interest in the record.”
    Radiohead Site Overloaded With New Album Orders (Billboard)