The new Radiohead: to CD or not to CD?

    By now we all know about Radiohead’s new album, In Rainbows, and its digital release next week (not to mention its deluxe discbox edition). But will the album also get a traditional, one disc CD release via a label? It appears that some people tend to think so. British retailer HMV has a listing on its website for pre-orders of In Rainbows, with EMI/Parlophone down as the album’s distributor and December 3 as its release date. That came as news to the band. A spokesman for Radiohead denies the validity of the HMV listing, but doe concede to the fact that the band is “talking to labels at the moment.” Interesting.
    Following up on the Radiohead spokesman’s statement, a fellow spokesman for HMV apologized for the site’s misleading listing, attributing it to one rogue staff member.
    So, should Radiohead even bother with a traditional CD release? Is the compact disc a viable format anymore? Such are the big questions that arise when the biggest band on earth makes a big, radical move.
    Radiohead Denies December ‘In Rainbows’ CD Release (Billboard)