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Radiohead Announce Digital Music Store

This morning Radiohead announced the opening of their very own digital music store at their w.a.s.t.e. website. The store only features four releases right now--In Rainbows, the second disc of In Rainbows (which was previously only available with the vinyl edition), Jonny Greenwood's excellent There Will Be Blood soundtrack and Thom Yorke's solo debut The Eraser--but presumably future Radiohead releases will also be featured for sale on the site. The albums go for a bit above iTunes prices (around $11), but they are at higher quality, and you can listen to the entire song by using the playback system. Go here to check it out. [via Pitchfork]


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slightly higher than itunes? i call bullshnit on radiohead here...unlike itunes, 100 percent of the profit goes to the band. without having to kick back proceeds to apple and a record label, they can certainly afford to sell the albums for less money...


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