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Radiohead album nears completion

Some exciting Radiohead news arrived yesterday via a post from Ed O' Brien on the band's DeadAirSpace site: the new Radiohead is "nearly there." It's the first progress report we've heard since the band announced that it had started recording back in January. Granted, Thom Yorke could fart near a microphone and the blogs would be clamoring to speculate what he ate that day, but considering we've been waiting four years already for a follow up to Hail to the Thief, O'Brien's missive comes as big news. Plus, the 'Head has debuted a whole bunch of quality new tunes in the last couple years of touring that we'd all just lurve to hear in their recorded incarnations.
So now that Radiohead has fulfilled its recording contract with EMI, who is going to release the new album when it's ready? Any bidders?
New Radiohead Album 'Nearly There' (Spin)
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What do we think this one is going to sound like? I definitely liked how Hail plugged back in the guitars. But then I was underwhelmed by Yorke's solo record.

John Zeiss

Yeah, I wasn't so into THE ERASER either. But I do like Radiohead's electronic side. I'm actually a huge fan of AMNESIAC, because I feel like it has the electro-jams, but then you've got something like "Pyramid Song" or "You And Who's Army" to mix it up.


I was underwhelmed by Thief, actually. The big sweeping choruses just didn'tdo it after album after album of perpetual invention. "Myxomatosis" was the only one that kicked my ass, so if they wanna keep going in a dirty fuzzbomb direction I'm fine with that...

Jeff K

I think Amnesiac and Thief were both imperfect after the nary-a-bad-track awesomeness of Okay Computer and Kid A. But an album with a few less-than-great tracks from Radiohead is still better than so much other music out there. I was watching a concert film from a British festival on HDnet the other day. It featured a bunch of bands like Razorlight and other Brit rock stuff, and then ended with Radiohead. Wow. It was like watching a whole bunch of pee wee football before going to an NFL game.

John Zeiss

Over at my pals and my other site, they've been hosting a huge tournament of Radiohead songs. I'm sort of pushing for "Idioteque" in the final four, but "Paranoid Android" will likely win. folks should go

Jeff K

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