R.A. The Rugged Man Announces Autobiography

    From his family life to the bullshit he’s faced as an artist, R.A. The Rugged Man has one of the most interesting stories in hip-hop. And sometime soon, he’ll get the chance to tell it all himself in his newly announced autobiography. He’s writing the book with some help from Complex/New York Times hip-hop scribe Chaz Kangas, who provided a summation of the novel and R.A.’s life in the following text: 

    Beyond countless industry tales of lawsuits, sexual harassment charges, deranged depravity and stories involving the likes of Russel Simmons, The Wu-Tang Clan, Notorious BIG, Puff Daddy, Eminem and Mobb Deep, with this autobiography we hope to also explore R.A.’s hinted-at family life. The story of the Thorburns is one of the most compelling portraits of a post-everything American family I’ve ever come across.

    Following his father’s stint in Vietnam (as covered in RA’s award-winning verse from the song “Uncommon Valor”) they endured disease, poverty and death, yet had a strong enough foundation to be the most stable broken home you’ll ever find. Due to his father being affected by Agent Orange during the war, R.A.’s sister Dee-Dee was born unable to both speak or walk; his brother Maxx was born paralyzed and blind. R.A’s older sister Lisa married the infamous ex-Pagan motorcycle outlaw ‘One Eye’ Jay. from the constant array of thugs, religious zealots and alleged murderers to the FEDS raiding the Thorburn’s family home, the whole truth will finally be revealed.

    To say this will be a must-read would be a massive understatement. More updates, including the book’s title and release date, are expected to come soon on R.A.’s own website.