R. Kelly Wears His Phantom Mask As Benedict Cumberbatch Recites “Genius” Lyrics

    Black Panties officially drops tomorrow, and to celebrate, Jimmy Kimmel had the legendary R. Kelly perform a medley with “Genius” and ” My Story” featuring 2 Chainz. 

    Perhaps the highlight of the performance is the very opener, as you see R. Kelly re-enact the much-talked about Black Phantom of the Opera Plays the Violin, Oh Wait, That’s Woman cover. 

    The fun didn’t stop there. Jimmy Kimmel also had his other guest, one of the Kings of Tumblr, Benedict Cumberbatch, recite the genius lyrics to R. Kelly’s “Genius.” Needless to say, the results are fantastic. My only wish is that they added a few filters to King Cumberbatch’s voice to match his Smaug tone in The Hobbit. (Can a producer sample Smaug’s voice already? So terrifying.)